Roderick Wiles, Director of Broadleaf Consulting, has been associated with the wood products industry since 1999.

Initially focused on the hardwood sector and, more recently, on softwoods and engineered wood products, Roderick
has conducted work in over 30 international markets across North America, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa,
India & Australasia. He has specialist interest and expertise in the Middle East and North Africa. Since relocating
from the UK to Singapore in early 2010, his work now also extends to Southeast Asia.

Roderick is a recognised authority on the trends and issues concerning the trade and consumption of wood products
across these regions and beyond and an acknowledged expert on the uses and market applications of hardwood
species and products.

He is an advisor to the UNECE/FAO Timber Committee, for whom he has written and presented the Sawn Hardwood
Chapter of the Forest Products Annual Market Review and a member of the Team of Specialists on Forest Products
Markets & Marketing.

He is a regular contributor to a range of media associated with both the trade in wood products and the architectural
and design community. He has also addressed a wide spectrum of audiences at conferences, seminars and

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Roderick Wiles